Over the years like many people I have used various types of crutches. When I broke my leg thirty years ago while running it was the wooden under arm crutches. These were great for keeping up the pace and vaulting down the road.

In more recent years it has been the forearm crutch that has been issued by the local hospital when I have had various mishaps. These hospital issued crutches did the job, however they were very uncomfortable to use. This issue with comfort has not been the fault of the manufacturer or the hospital. The hospitals are trying to issue crutches that are within their budgets and the manufacturers are trying to supply an item which matches this budget.

After certain health issues which caused me to need to use crutches more and more I started to buy various crutches online. Some of the first pairs I purchased were lightweight but the handles were even more uncomfortable that the hospital issued pairs of crutches. These crutches were elbow crutches. They took a little getting used to at first as they did not have a closed ring around the arm. They did however allow me to wear various tops and coats without having to worry about how tight the crutch would clench my arm.

I then realized that what I wanted was a crutch that I could easily pack away. Something I could carry with me and use when needed. Again, I bought various crutches. I found that the weight rating on some was a little spurious and they would flex to such an extent that I did not have the confidence to use them. It also became very apparent that if I wanted a crutch with a comfortable handle I would have to pay a high price.

So, I wanted a strong, dependable, comfortable crutch that also had the potential to fold; at a reasonable price.

The idea for the TEMED crutch was therefore born. It did help that I have been in the medical industry for around thirty years and had designed products used every day in Cardiac Theatres across the country.

A strong crutch. Rated to 140Kg  which is 22 stone
A dependable crutch. Simple to use.

A comfortable crutch. Handles shaped to try and take the pressure and pain out of every day use. Please see the images on the website.

A folding crutch. The crutches can simply be folded and packed away. Please see the videos that we have posted showing how to open and close the crutch.

A reasonably priced crutch. We don’t think you will be able to find a better quality crutch at such a reasonable price.

Just because it’s a folding or travel crutch does not mean that you cannot use it every day. We just thought it would be good to have the option to fold it. So yes we also think that it’s the best value crutch on the market of any type.

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​The origin of the TEMED folding crutch

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