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We hope that you will think that the TEMED crutch is a good travel crutch. It might be the best travel crutch that you come across. We certainly think it is the best folding crutch for sale. If you have to fly with crutches then please look at this product. Travelling with crutches can be made so much easier by using the TEMED crutch instead of normal hospital issue crutches. This easy to use travel crutch can even fool people into thinking that you don't have crutches with you. Please also remember that the crutches have ergonomic handles. We had a customer who placed an order recently and then contacted us to say that she didn't realise that the handles were ergonomic as the price of the crutch was so good. Some people refer to this type of crutch as a collapsible crutch, though only in terms that it can fold. There are some products out there which really do feel like they are going to collapse when you use them. The TEMED crutch is not what you would refer to as a lightweight folding crutch; it is certainly in the league of heavy duty forearm crutches. Yes the crutches are supplied from the UK. At present we do not have various colours of crutches. So though we don't have coloured crutches we do have black crutches which some might call designer crutches. Even though they are cheap forearm crutches we hope you would agree that they are some of the best quality that you will see.

In the USA it would seem that most people use underarm crutches. There are various forms of underarm folding crutch; we are hoping that they will start to adopt our black crutches instead. 

The first set of TEMED crutches were custom made for our owner. He then tweaked the design to come up with a fold up crutch that he was happy with. The design changes had the objective to make the crutches more comfortable. This was done without using crutch accessories but by ensuring that they were designed with the human hand in mind. We don't really think of it as being a comfort grip as all crutches should be designed with a comfortable grip. Some people think that carbon fibre crutches are the way to go. We have found that these are not as light as one might think. So if you want some cool crutches from the UK then look no further.  

We hope you don't have to adjust your life too much if you have to use our adjustable folding crutches. Many thanks for looking for crutches for sale.


​ The Folding crutch was designed and developed by the owner and founder of Temed, who is himself an occasional crutch user. He came up with the idea after realising that conventional crutches did not offer the comfort and flexibility he needed. Having worked in the medical products industry for 30 years he set to work creating a crutch that would meet his, and his fellow users needs. A message from the founder: "We hope that you will see and understand from the images and information on this site that we have tried to make these crutches the best they can be. Yes the crutches fold away for when you board an aeroplane, sail your boat or when you are having one of those good days where you can walk for a little while unaided. I carry mine around in my rucksack".

There is lots of information published on other websites saying that they are the biggest supplier of one thing or another. We always wonder where this information comes from when they don't have access to other companies sales figures. We can say that from the 1st of January 2017 to the 1 st of November 2017 we have sold 79,285 items. Crutches are a very small part of TEMED's business. Most of what TEMED sells is used in Cardiac Surgery procedures. If you have ever had Cardiac Surgery in the UK then you are very likely to have had something from TEMED used on you during your treatment.

When folded the crutch measures 16 cm by 53 cm. The TEMED folding crutch designed with an ergonomic handle and strong shaft is £17 each or £27 for the pair. The comfortable crutch is available from stock and is delivered on a next working day basis for orders received before our couriers collect in the afternoon. We hope you will be happy enough with the information to buy one of our crutches. If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to call 01243 572255 or email Type your paragraph here. Finding the best folding crutch might not be simple. Remember to look at the handles and see if they will be comfortable. Think about how stro