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  • Single, left hand folding crutch priced at £20 ex VAT. Next working day delivery charged at £6 inc VATTotal price £26


  • If you are an occasional crutch user then your crutches can be folded away and carried in you bag or back pack until you need them. 
  • Of course you never have to fold the TEMED crutch. You can just enjoy the comfort and security of a well designed and dependable crutch.
  • ​The TEMED crutch that folds.
  • Offers great comfort for prolonged use.
  • Makes you feel in control and fully supported.
  • Does not flex under pressure 
crutch that folds funkrutch handle and The Temed folding crutch ergonomic handle for comfort and support www.ebay.com and www.ebay.co.uk and www.amazon.co.uk and www.amazon.com crutch usa crutch australia crutch espana which crutch to replace my nhs one saves my hands can be bought at www.doability.co.uk

When looking at crutches think about how comfortable the handles are, and is the crutch going to be strong enough for your needs. The TEMED folding crutch is an innovative ergonomic design based around comfort, practicality, strength and style. You can have all the benefits of a traditional crutch with the added bonus of having a comfortable open crutch which you can pop into your bag. The crutches are simple to use. We hope our crutch will be the perfect travel companion. The TEMED crutch is a fully adjustable open cuff crutch.


  • There are two built in reflectors for safety.
  • One in the front of the handle and one in the back of the cuff.
  • Single, right hand folding crutch priced at £20 ex VAT. Next working day delivery charged at £6 inc VAT Total price £26
  • Single, right hand folding crutch priced £25 inc VAT. Next working day delivery charged at £6.00 inc VAT.
  • The TEMED crutches have ten different height settings. They might not fit everyone, however we hope they are the right size for you.
  • Simply push the pin in and slide to your required crutch height.
  • We will be increasing our range of crutches. If you don't think that this crutch is for you then don't forget about us.
  • We will be taking advantage of the mould that we have invested to make a range of crutches suitable for all.
  • Single, left hand folding crutch priced at £25 inc VAT. Next working day delivery charged at £6.00 inc VAT.
The crutch that folds a Folding crutch stored in a backpack bought from doability or from ebay a comfortable strong crutch that has long lasting ferrules from amazon so its for sale in the uk and for sale in usa at www.doability.co.uk also at www.justwalkers.com

If you have ever wondered where to buy crutches then look no further. If you have any questions about whether we can supply crutches to your location then just give us a call on 0044 (0)1243 572255 or email enquiries@foldingcrutch.co.uk.  

  • Pair of TEMED folding crutches priced at £43.75 inc VAT. Next working day delivery charged at £6.00 inc VAT.
  • ​​The TEMED comfortable crutch handles are moulded for left and right hands.
  • We hope you agree that the TEMED folding crutches are the most secure and comfortable crutches that you have used. We hope the crutch is the best crutch you can buy.

  • These crutches are heavy duty and strong. They are not just for occasional use. 
  • You should not have to buy comfy crutch handle covers if your crutches are already comfortable.
  • Let our crutches ease your pain when your back needs a rest.
  • Rely on these crutches to give you the confidence you need after your hip operation.
  • Don't feel that you have to endure the pain of the crutches you have been issued with.​
  • You can have crutches that don't make you self conscious.

The TEMED crutches have been designed from the users point of view both in terms of comfort and economic practicality. What do we mean by economic practicality? Well, we aim to provide the best possible product at the best possible price. If you are an occasional crutch user our crutches fold so they can be easily stored in a bag or backpack. ​We take care at every step of the way (light pun intended). Our crutches are dispatched in custom made boxes which are made to fit our crutches and nothing else. The custom made boxes also help us to do our little bit for the environment. They are no bigger than they need to be and therefore no extra cardboard is used. We also use minimal internal packaging. Some people might just think that this is a travel crutch. Yes it is very practical as a travelling crutch, but please remember it is a crutch that you can use everyday. We hope that you will think that the TEMED crutch is a good travel crutch. It might be the best travel crutch that you come across. We certainly think it is the best folding crutch for sale. If you have to fly with crutches then please look at this product. Travelling with crutches can be made so much easier by using the TEMED crutch instead of normal hospital issue crutches. This easy to use travel crutch can even fool people into thinking that you don't have crutches with you.

Please also remember that the crutches have ergonomic handles. We had a customer who placed an order recently and then contacted us to say that she didn't realise that the handles were ergonomic as the price of the crutch was so good. Some people refer to this type of crutch as a collapsible crutch, though only in terms that it can fold. There are some products out there which really do feel like they are going to collapse when you use them. The TEMED crutch is not what you would refer to as a lightweight folding crutch; it is certainly in the league of heavy duty forearm crutches. Yes the crutches are supplied from the UK. At present we do not have various colours of crutches. So though we don't have coloured crutches we do have black crutches which some might call designer crutches. Even though they are some of the cheapest forearm crutches, we hope you would agree that they are some of the best quality that you will see.

In the USA it would seem that most people use underarm crutches. There are various forms of underarm folding crutch; we are hoping that they will start to adopt our black crutches instead. 
The first set of TEMED crutches were custom made for our owner. He then tweaked the design to come up with a fold up crutch that he was happy with. The design changes had the objective to make the crutches more comfortable. This was done without using crutch accessories but by ensuring that they were designed with the human hand in mind. We don't really think of it as being a comfort grip as all crutches should be designed with a comfortable grip. Some people think that carbon fibre crutches are the way to go. We have found that these are not as light as one might think. So if you want some cool crutches from the UK then look no further.
We hope you don't have to adjust your life too much if you have to use our adjustable folding crutches.  You can also consider these crutches if have sprained your ankle or broken your leg. You can get on with your life in more comfort with a TEMED crutch rather than using the standard issue crutch from the hospital. Lets hope these are the best crutches in the UK. All crutches can be defined as portable crutches but these take things to another level.

We hope that you would agree. If there was a prize for the best crutch these would be awarded the best ergonomic crutches or best ergonomic crutch award.

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  • Pair of TEMED folding crutches priced at £35 ex VAT. Next working day delivery charged at £6 inc VAT. Total price £41




By ordering the TEMED crutch without VAT you are declaring that you have been diagnosed with a condition defined as chronically sick or disabled. Please also see the HMRC guidance on our VAT EXEMPTION page. You will also be making a declaration on the payment page.

new comfortable crutch with non slip ferule essentialaids with Temed folding crutch adjustable height settings for a comfortable day they can be found on www.ebay.co.uk and www.amazon.com